The Magical Decade with David Chudwin

Episode 345,   Apr 09, 08:00 AM

On this episode of LID Radio Podcast, we're joined by David Chudwin to talk about his book The Magical Decade: A Personal Memoir and Popular History of 1965-75.

About David Chuwdin

David Chudwin grew up in Chicago. He eventually received his medical degree from University of Michigan and became a medical practitioner. However, David was also a journalist in his teenage years and covered the Apollo 11 Moon launch, which he went on to write about in his first book, I Was a Teenage Space Reporter.
About The Magical Decade

In The Magical Decade, David synthesizes by topic his memories of the time between 1965-and 1975 with brief histories of the events and their backgrounds, making this a unique personal memoir of a life-changing decade for many people in America.