Season 11, Episode 1,   Apr 07, 11:00 PM

#MondayMile is back! This series we’re taking the Mile to some very special locations – kicking off with a @pandocruises ship! I’m joined by boss chick @cherryhealey, best known as co-presenter on Inside The Factory, and her for own documentaries on @bbcthree. Cherry and I cover a lot of ground, quite literally, as she takes me on an in-depth tour of the ship.
I learn all about her onboard wellness workshops, as well as her own health and wellness journey. Cherry is perimenopausal, and we chat about the stigma associated with ageing, as well as the lifestyle adjustments she’s made as her body’s changed. Cherry also makes sure to pay tribute to the woman in media who paved the way for open discussions about the menopause (@davinamccall, @mariella_frostrup, which is SO important!
I also probe her about the new love in her life, who she met through a dating app. We talk all about the new modern ways of finding love and how staying open is the key – not sure if she’s quite convinced me to redownload Raya yet though. Maybe it’s all down to the power of manifestation; Cherry’s got so much good going on her life, so she tells me how she talked the universe into sending it her way. I think we can all learn from that one!
So pleased to be kicking off this new series with a fantastic chat with a fantastic woman. I’ll see you on a wellness cruise very soon, Cherry!
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