Dangers & Desires: Uncovering the Migrant Crisis | Teddy Talks EP.14

Episode 14,   Apr 07, 06:13 PM

In the next captivating episode of Teddy Talks, we delve into the heart of human resilience and aspiration through the lens of the poignant and deeply moving narrative presented in the movie “IO Capitano.” This episode is proudly sponsored by the creators of “IO Capitano,” an epic tale that follows Seydou and Moussa, two young Senegalese teenagers, on their harrowing journey from Dakar in search of a brighter future in Europe. Through deserts, detention centres in Libya, and perilous seas, their story is a testament to the indomitable human spirit in the face of the migrant crisis. In Theatres NOW! 

Join us as we explore the profound lessons that can be learned from those who embark on such life-altering migrations. What drives individuals to take such risks, and what can their courage, dreams, and perseverance teach us about empathy, resilience, and the global community? “IO Capitano” not only shines a light on the challenges faced by migrants but also offers a deeply human perspective on their experiences.

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