Tic Disorders and Tourette Syndrome: Exploring the INTEND Project

Apr 08, 10:04 AM

In this In Conversation podcast, Dr. Seonaid Anderson is joined by Dr. Maddie Groom to discuss a current research project focusing on Tics and Tourette Syndrome called INTEND. INTEND stands for ImproviNg Tic Services in EnglaND.

Discussion points include:

  • The ideas behind the project and how the project is funded.
  • Insight into what Tics are, and their impact.
  • How health care professionals are involved with the INTEND project and how they can get involved.
  • The importance of a recommended service model and the impact of there being no NICE guidelines in the UK for Tic Disorders and Tourette Syndrome.

This episode is part of The Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health’s series on Tourette Syndrome and Tic Disorders. The series explores the evidence-based research on Tourette Syndrome, and other Tic Disorders, as well as the education, treatments, and the influences of the pandemic and social media.

DOI: 10.13056/acamh.26823