Embracing Emotions and Defining Success| Deeper than Dough - Trevor Hall

Episode 69,   Apr 08, 11:31 AM

In this episode, Trevor Hall discusses his background in music and his passion for using music as a tool for healing and self-expression. He shares his early interest in spirituality and how it influenced his music. Trevor also talks about the challenges he faced in the music industry and the importance of support from friends and family. He emphasizes the significance of embracing and feeling negative emotions as a means of personal growth. Trevor reflects on the journey versus the destination and defines success as living a life aligned with one's values. He also discusses the business side of being a musician and the importance of taking care of the financial aspects. Trevor concludes by sharing his proactive mental health practices. In this conversation, Trevor Hall discusses the importance of finding one's passion for mental health. He emphasizes the role of music in bringing joy and purpose to his life. The conversation also highlights the significance of sleep and physical exercise in maintaining mental well-being. The concept of success is reevaluated, focusing on the importance of finding one's purpose rather than pursuing superficial goals. Finally, Trevor Hall shares his desire to be remembered as a good person whose music inspired and positively impacted others.

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