Erin Kennedy on early detection of breast cancer

Season 5, Episode 9,   Apr 12, 08:00 AM

Paralympic champion athlete Erin Kennedy talks about her breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, and the importance of early detection.

In this episode, Laura talks to Paralympic athlete Erin Kennedy, member of Team GB's Paralympic rowing squad and breast cancer awareness campaigner.

Erin speaks about how she continued competing to win a gold medal during chemotherapy, then winning again after a double mastectomy the following year. She also voices her strong support for breast awareness, and the importance of early detection of breast cancer. Finally, Erin shares some insightful thoughts about how she felt it was important to write her own narrative, and not let breast cancer define her.

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Key Topics:
0:24 Laura introduces Erin Kennedy
1:38 Erin talks about her life as a Paralympic athlete
10:11 Erin's breast cancer diagnosis
14:04 The impact of cancer on Erin's career as an athlete
19:26 Erin's treatment for breast cancer
20:26 Continuing to train through chemotherapy
23:34 Telling family, friends and colleagues about your breast cancer diagnosis
30:00 Adjusting to life after breast cancer
31:23 Erin's tips for a good mental approach to a diagnosis
33:16 Why Erin felt it important to talk about her breast cancer
36:28 The importance of early detection of breast cancer
39:36 Breast cancer and body image
42:28 The challenges Erin experienced with her diagnosis
44:35 Erin describes her 'prehab' routine before breast cancer surgery
46:03 Erin looks to the future with her rowing now breast cancer treatment is finished
49:43 Writing your own narrative in the face of adversity
52:34 What needs to change in breast cancer?