Apr 08, 08:15 PM

Are you sick and tired of the MAGA nonsense and the squawking of ignorant right wing trolls; spewing their lies and toxic venom? Does the voice of Donald Trump not to mention the sight of his saggy skin and piss colored hair send you in paroxysms of rage?  Are you worried that 2024 will be 2016 all over again and that we will be dragged backwards into a fascist state run by morons and fools who do nothing but hate? You've come to the right place. Don't get mad, get DEFIANT. Welcome to the official podcast of Brooklyn Dad Defiant. With an army of 1.3 million strong, we've decided ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Its time to stand atop the shoulders of history and shout "STOP!" So join us. Join the DEFIANT PODCAST twice weekly. We're giving a road map to victory, a blueprint for sanity and a way forward out of the madness. LFG!