Ep. 115: False Witness

Apr 09, 03:05 AM

It's #Aprilsweeps where we celebrate the TV movies made by New World Television.  We're kicking things off with 1989's False Witness starring Phylicia Rashad (The Cosby Show) and Philip Michael Thomas (Miami Vice).  Lynne Jacoby (Phylicia Rashad) is a district attorney investigating the attempted murder of a popular daytime TV talk show host not unlike luminaries like Sally Jessy Raphael.  Bobby Marsh (Philip Michael Thomas), an Assistant District Attorney and Jacoby's lover, joins the investigation and shows the world that not all investigators are good at their job.  

What lacks in real suspense is more than made up for with uncomfortable shoulder kissing.  We learn that Marc doesn't recognize the difference between CSI and Law & Order, Erica talks about the many musical roles Philip Michael Thomas was up for, Ryan struggles to pronounce "Phylicia" and we debate which is the best Miami Tourism Board theme song. 

You will want to witness this episode.