Midweek Takeaway featuring Professor Richard Conroy, Chairman of Karelian Diamond Resources (AIM:KDR) #KDR

Season 7, Episode 34,   Apr 09, 11:15 AM

Phil Carroll and Kevin Hornsby welcome Professor Richard Conroy, Chairman of Karelian Diamond Resources PLC, to dive deep into a series of groundbreaking announcements that have positioned the company at the forefront of mineral exploration. First, we explore the significant strides made in the quest for the elusive source of the Kuhmo green diamond in Finland. Recent Electron Microprobe Analysis of Kimberlitic garnets has not only indicated the presence of a diamond stability field but also suggests an imminent proximity to the diamond-bearing kimberlite, marking a potential breakthrough in the search for colored diamonds, which are highly prized in the market.

Lastly, Professor Conroy sheds light on the exciting results from a stream sampling program in Northern Ireland, revealing the prospectivity for nickel, copper, and platinum group metals within the company's license area. This exploration has unveiled a highly anomalous area rich in indicator minerals such as Chromite and Forsterite, along with significant microprobe analysis findings suggesting the presence of nickel mineralisation. These endeavors not only highlight the company’s diverse exploration portfolio but also its commitment to advancing critical raw materials exploration in Europe.

Join us as Professor Conroy takes us through these pivotal moments in Karelian Diamond Resources PLC’s journey, discussing the implications of these discoveries and the company’s future in the fast-evolving world of mineral exploration.

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