The Importance of Resilience with Ayesha Murray

Season 4, Episode 13,   Apr 10, 06:00 AM

Welcome back to our latest episode! Join your host, Jane Johnson, as she dives deep into the art of resilience with the incredible Ayesha Murray, host of 'The Parent Equation' podcast. Discover powerful strategies to bounce back stronger, navigate emotional storms, and empower yourself and your children to thrive in the face of adversity. From practical coping techniques to fostering a mindset of growth, this conversation is your ultimate guide to unlocking boundless resilience.

Meet Ayesha Murray (, an accredited career and leadership coach who supports senior women in building resilience and purpose so they can thrive at work and home.

Inspired to see how you could develop your career based on a foundation of strength, resilience, and purpose? Book a free discovery call with Ayesha through the Careering into Motherhood website and find out how coaching could support you. Ayesha Murray - Careering into Motherhood

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