The Big Boo Cast, Episode 385

Apr 11, 01:00 AM

My microphone wasn't on for the first part of this episode (I PROMISE WE CHECK THESE THINGS, but computers / robots / user error / etc.), but thankfully Melanie's Official Look-at-the-Eclipse Break gave me time to correct the situation. In addition to the eclipse, we talk about college baseball, Kristen Wiig's skin, and the women's basketball championship game.

We also discuss an encouraging, hopeful doctor's visit that Melanie recently experienced, and it's Mel's turn for Five Favorites.

Hope you enjoy!

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Show Notes:
- Dawn Staley with organ music
- Holly Rowe
- State and Georgia's 8th inning situation
- Zac Selmon's tweet 
- our Patreon episode with Hayden Schott
- Caden Sorrell's incredible catch
- Dr. Harden in San Antonio 
- Dr. Mary Claire Haver
- Tom Lake by Ann Patchett - our Patreon book club book for May
- Patreon episode about what we thought made people rich when we were little
- Kristen Wiig in the Pilates sketch
- Palm Royale
- Carol Burnett and Kristen Wiig on The Kelly Clarkson Show
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