S3 EP3 - Make Mindset Your Superpower with Tina Unrue

Season 3, Episode 3,   Apr 09, 09:50 PM

What if mindset could be your superpower?  So much of our ability to lead is constrained by our mindset.  Narrow thinking can hamper decision-making, stifle team performance, and drive us to burn out.  In this episode Tina shares how the Energy Leadership® Framework, the same transformative and emerging leadership approach utilized at companies like IKEA, Boeing, and the U.S. Coast Guard, can help us unlock new possibilities for ourselves and our teams. 

Tina Unrue is an ICF-certified coach with nearly three decades of experience spanning the federal government, private sector, and entrepreneurship. She’s held many positions throughout her career, most notably varied leadership roles within an elite law enforcement agency. Tina noticed a significant change in herself and her team dynamics after she became a life coach. She’s now committed to helping other women learn how to lead from the inside out, both at home and in the workplace. Despite numerous achievements throughout her career, her roles as mother, grandmother, wife, and friend are her most prized. In her spare time, Tina enjoys photography, reading, baking, and hiking, as well as lots and lots of coffee.

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