[Seth Gehle] It's Not A Sad Story // Part 2

Episode 65,   Apr 12, 07:03 AM

Content Warning: physical, emotional, and mental abuse, addiction disorder, substance abuse, substance use disorder, rape, statutory rape, child abuse, sexual abuse, child sexual abuse, extrafamilial child sexual abuse, serial sexual abuse, suicidal ideation, and suicide.

As shared in Part 1 of his story, Seth Gehle is a father, veteran, speaker, and victim advocate from Ohio. Seth faced ongoing sexual abuse in his youth, and recently began to share about his experiences and all that came next legally and personally. Seth’s mission is to use his story to bring awareness to society and offer hope to other survivors, and we are so grateful he is here to do so with us, especially considering April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.


If you suspect someone in your life has been sexually assaulted or abused, please contact your nearest law enforcement office or the National Sexual Assault Hotline:

For more resources and a list of non-profit organizations that can help, please visit:


Seth Interviews the Officer that Helped Him:

Child Sexual Abuse/Violence Prevention:

The incidence and prevalence of intrafamilial and extrafamilial sexual abuse of female children: A Study


Characteristics of Extrafamilial & Intrafamilail Child Sexual Abuse: A Study

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