Innovation and the future of food

Episode 503,   Apr 15, 05:00 AM

Has there been a more challenging time for the global food system in modern times?

It is difficult to argue against considering the amount of geopolitical turmoil and the growing climate crisis.

Add into that, a growing population, and the scale of the challenge of keeping everyone fed is clear.

But that is where innovation will be key. The global food system needs to keep innovating in order to meet the challenges it faces.

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In this episode of the Food Matters Live Podcast, recorded live at the Sustainable Food Forum in London in September 2023, we shine a light on the innovators who are making a difference.

Our panel is made up of innovators defining the future of food, covering a range of activities. 

Some are still embryonic, but all reflect a rethinking of every aspect of the way we source, produce, package, distribute, promote, buy and consume food and drink.

Matilde de las Rivas, Chief Technology Officer, Levprot
Aurelia Greystroke, Chief Transformation Officer, Aleph Farms
Farayde Fakhouri, Co-Founder, BIO2Coat