How GOP Extremists Will Cost Trump the 2024 Election + A Conversation with Frank Figliuzzi

Apr 15, 04:00 AM

On the premiere episode of The Defiant Podcast, Majid spotlights the ongoing GOP meltdown precipitated by the Arizona abortion ruling. Continued overreach by GOP extremists has galvanized Democrats and promises to change the calculus for the 2024 election as voters wake up to what will happen if Trump is allowed to return to the White House. Former FBI Assistant Director Frank Figliuzzi joins Majid to discuss how Russian propaganda has infected the GOP via extremist Republicans like  MGT, Matt Gaetz, Lauren Boebert and Paul Gosar who have become the face of the GOP as they move the party deeper into the arms of Vladimir Putin and QANON. Now GOP strategists and Trump himself are fretting that now that the genie is out of the bottle, people are terrified that the GOP is run by a cabal of extremist lunatics.

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