Scaling SaaS business from 0 to $100 million | Michal Novoveský (Exponea / Bloomreach)

Apr 15, 09:33 AM

Today’s guest is Michal Novovesky, also known as Mišo. Michal’s journey is fascinating, starting in sales and rising to become the Head of Product. He was crucial in scaling a B2B marketing automation platform called Exponea, today Bloomreach, from zero to 100 million dollars in annual recurring revenue. 

Along the way, Michal transformed traditional top-down product management into a culture of fully decentralized and empowered product teams. Let’s dive in!

Michal Novoveský:

Jan Bělohlávek:

0:00 Episode Intro
0:43 Looking for a market-fit
5:34 Young leader is growing a team of 80 people while learning as he goes
11:50 How to build an honest feedback culture
15:07 Looking for new opportunities in a Growth team
21:00 Crisis and becoming efficient
32:53 Company acquisition via Zoom
42:14 Building empowered and decentralized product teams
44:44 How product team can help to Sales reps
47:55 How to find a balance between work and family life
49:26 How to deal with stress while scaling startup globally
52:55 Moments of appreciation and biggest learnings