Midweek Takeaway with Martyn Churchouse, Geologist from Kendrick Resources and Charles Archer, long-term FTSE/AIM investor and freelance financial analyst #KEN

Season 7, Episode 36,   Apr 17, 08:00 AM

Join us on the "Midweek Takeaway" podcast as we delve into the fascinating world of Kendrick Resources, a lesser-known player in the strategic metals market. This episode features insights from Charles Archer, a respected journalist and analyst, alongside Martyn Churchouse, who brings a wealth of experience in mining exploration. Together, they explore Kendrick's pivot towards vanadium, a critical component in energy storage and steelmaking technologies. With Kendrick positioned as a high-risk, high-potential investment in the microcap space, our discussion will unravel the company's strategic moves, market potential, and the broader implications for investors seeking opportunities in niche markets. Tune in to gain expert perspectives on how Kendrick Resources is navigating its challenges and capitalizing on the burgeoning demand for vanadium, amidst the dynamics of the global metals market.


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