Balancing Business and Life and Strategies for Success | Deeper than Dough - Brady Slack

Episode 70,   Apr 15, 03:44 PM

Brady Slack, managing partner of High Country Finance and co-founder of Stacked, discusses his journey in starting and managing multiple businesses. He shares insights on balancing time and priorities, defining success, and maintaining alignment with business partners. Brady also highlights the importance of communication, core values, and setting boundaries to prioritize family and find joy and fulfillment in both business and life. In this conversation, Brady Slack shares insights on setting boundaries and communication, the importance of prioritizing and taking time off, empowering employees and delegating, defining success and setting business goals, sharing equity with employees, protecting equity and setting performance metrics, overcoming mental health challenges, the value of mentorship, finding fulfillment in work, and the legacy of caring and making a difference.

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