Emotional Support Marlin & Too Many Beans: Fools Rush In

Episode 129,   Apr 16, 07:00 AM

We have the quintessential April Fools pick this week with our movie Fools Rush In. It stars Matthew Perry as Alex, a real estate developer who gets sent to Las Vegas where he meets Isabel played by Salma Hayek. After a one night stand, 'whoopsie' she gets pregnant and the pair get married (much to everyone's dismay). In this episode: we agree that the only thing that's OK to buy out of someone's car trunk is tamales, contemplate starting a new podcast to discuss all of Corinne's bad dates, and come up with too many accidental sexual innuendos (like play cornhole with Chuy and moisten up my desert). We were not rushing in this episode and you'd be a fool (just kidding we love you) to miss Fools Rush In.