Episode 369 - Nina Quincy and Sarah Dowling of Underbelly Hospitality

Apr 18, 11:00 AM

Today on the podcast Eric is joined by Nina Quincy and Sarah Dowling of Underbelly Hospitality. Nina and Sarah speak with Eric about how their respective career paths that led them to Underbelly Hospitality, what the transition period was like at Underbelly following the departure of Chris Shepherd, the current state of Underbelly Hospitality, how things have changed at Georgia James with their new chef making the restaurant more approachable, Sarah's amazing ability to pick the right wine every time, why Underbelly decided to close Pastore Italian Kitchen, what's happening at Wild Oats, the latest with Comalito, what's next for Underbelly, the goals for the beverage programs, and much more! 
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