Apr 16, 07:27 PM

"My track “Pointe-à-Pitre” is based on a field recording from a spice Market in Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe. I was drawn to the field recording because it captures the magical atmosphere of the city. I can imagine being taken away by the smell of the spices, fruits and vegetables at the market on this Caribbean paradise. 

"It is this feeling that I have infused in this reimagined music, of being in the heart of Guadeloupe Islands, soaking up the enjoyment of that Caribbean lifestyle. The sun, the colors, the smells. Walking through the market, listening to the sounds of life stirs my imagination. A variety of unexpected sounds weave in and out of my composition, taking unexpected turns, but at the same time enhancing the listening experience. “Pointe-à-Pitre” was a real joy to create. Enjoy!"

Spice market in Guadeloupe reimagined by Jeff Dungfelder.