The seven artists of San Stae

Apr 16, 07:36 PM

"Inside the church of San Stae, the right wall contains altars with works by Niccolò Bambini, Giuseppe Camerata, and Antonio Balestra. The three chapels on the left house works by Giuseppe Torretto, Pietro Baratta, Francesco Migliori, and Jacopo Amigoni. 

"There are seven distinct synth sounds within the piece - each representing a different artist whose work can be found within the church, layered on top of one another just as the layers of history sit like a fine sediment running through the city of Venice itself.

"For this piece, these synths work together to build an image of relaxing on the banks of Venice's Grand Canal with no real plans and nowhere special to go take centre stage, surrounded by a warm embrace of synthesiser pads intended to envelop the listener in a sense of comfort and belonging."

The Grand Canal at San Stae reimagined by Cities and Memory.