Anthropologist turned strategy consultant. But, how?

Episode 46,   Apr 17, 06:30 PM

Welcome back to another episode of the untalented podcast. We take a deep dive into the influence of exceptional mentors and the intricacies of strategic business planning in this insightful podcast discussion. Our guest, Sam Hornsby @TRPTK, shares heartfelt anecdotes about the pivotal role his history teacher, Mr. Houston, played in shaping his academic journey and fostering his potential, including guidance for Oxford.

We explore the evolving landscape of creative services and strategic consultancy, delving into the intersection of branding, design, communications, and production. From understanding cultural nuances to long-term brand value creation, Sam sheds light on the holistic approach required for enduring business success. Additionally, he reflects on his experiences working on projects like Disney's Shanghai Disney Resort, showcasing the meticulous considerations involved in tailoring amusement attractions to Chinese consumer preferences.

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