Wednesday April 17, 2024: Why You Crying; Blind Date; Canine Predictions

Apr 17, 01:04 PM

Kourtney Kardashian had several different cakes for her birthday. How many birthday cakes is too many?

Anna has always wanted to be selected for Jury Duty, but would you want to be selected for this specific trial?

Everyone is in a rush these days, but if you do this while at a stop sign, that's all I need to know about you!

Have any issues with bloating? There is one simple thing you can do to help conquer it without any kind of medicine.

What's the dumbest thing you've cried over? Anna found herself weeping (repeatedly) at a dance recital and her daughter wasn’t even a part of the performance!

Have you ever been set up on a blind date? One of the most popular reality shows in the world is based on the premise of a blind date, but Anna isn’t sure it’s a real thing in 2024 anymore!

Sometimes you can tell something is happening just by watching how your dog behaves! Anna can tell when her husband is coming home just by watching her dog’s reaction!

Ella and Peter have a fifteen-year-old daughter that met a boy last summer while they were away. They have been Facetiming and Snapchatting over the entire year. Her daughter wants to go visit him this summer, but it’ll require them traveling by plane. Ella says that she’ll go with her, it’s no big deal. Peter says traveling to another state to meet a boy is inappropriate for a 15-year-old and just a waste of money/time on traveling. What do you think?

Angela has got a shot at $1200! All she has to do is beat Raven in pop culture trivia!