Directed energy and Havana Syndrome with Dr. James Giordano

Season 8, Episode 38,   Apr 20, 04:00 AM

Find out about the secret world of directed energy research and Havana Syndrome.

On today’s podcast Chris is joined by Dr James Giordano. Dr Giordano served as the consulting neuroscientist on research into the original cases of Havana Syndrome.

Dr. James Giordano is a neuroscientist and neuroethicist, whose work focuses upon mechanisms and treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders, and neuroethical issues arising from the use and misuse of neuroscientific techniques and technologies.

Dr Giordano wrote a fantastic article titled “Directed Energy Remains Key Suspect Behind Havana Syndrome” which looks at Dr Giordano’s research on directed energy devices and their potential weaponisation.

You can read that article here:

You can find out more about Dr. Giordano’s work at the links below: 

Georgetown University

Bio Defense Research

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