The Guilt of Nep-Tune Into This Podcast

Episode 199,   Apr 20, 07:00 PM

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In this episode of All The Answers, Katie Rubin and Cassidy Brown delve into the mysterious interplay between personal energy fields and the Akashic Records. Katie answers a listener's burning question about the nature of the records—can opening one person's records impact others who are tuned in? The answer is a journey through psychic perception, heart connections, and the intricate dance between individual experiences and the collective consciousness.

Cassidy, fresh from a personal transformation, shares an unexpected reunion with an old college friend, exploring the significance of synchronicities and how past relationships can resurface to mirror our current inner work. They also reminisce about a hilarious and heartfelt night out at a live storytelling event, "Mortified," where the past's embarrassing moments become today's laughter.

Join Katie and Cassidy as they unpack the layers of human connection, the echoes of the past, and the cosmic humor of life. Whether it's processing the guilt of Neptune or navigating the aftermath of a breakup, this episode is a testament to the power of vulnerability and the insights that emerge when we dare to ask the tough questions.

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Episode Chapters

(00:00) Introduction to the episode's theme of energy fields and the Akashic Records
(02:38) Katie's response to a listener's question about opening the records
(11:04) Cassidy's encounter with an old friend and the exploration of synchronicities
(21:19) The duo's night out at "Mortified" and the importance of laughter in healing
(27:05) The significance of personal experiences reflecting in the collective consciousness
(33:51) The role of past relationships in our current inner work and personal growth
(40:55) Katie and Cassidy's thoughts on psychic perception and trusting intuitive resonance
(48:43) Closing thoughts on embracing life's lessons and the journey of self-discovery


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