How can butchers win customers and remain profitable? 

Episode 504,   Apr 22, 05:00 AM

Butchers shops, once a common sight in most towns and villages across Europe, are declining in number.

The impact of that decline can be felt in communities throughout the continent, and it could also be impacting our diets too.

On Allergen Awareness Week, and in partnership with Dutch Spices, we look at why butchers shops are disappearing, but also how that trend can be reversed.

We delve into some of the methods butchers can use to get themselves fit for the future, and compete with the supermarkets.

In the UK, we have seen a reduction in the number of butchers shops of more than 18 per cent in the last decade.

It is around 16 per cent in the Netherlands, nearly 20 per cent in Belgium, and the list goes on.

So, what is behind the decline? What is the impact on our diets and our communities? And what can be done to reverse it?

Peter Curry, Managing Director, Gastrome Professional Ingredients
Piet Buis, Business Unit Manager, Dutch Spices
John West, award winning butcher, product development & innovation specialist

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