Have you tried turning it off and on again? Healthcare IT systems, interoperability, and quality - featuring Dr. Bill Clifford

Season 3, Episode 5,   Apr 19, 04:45 PM

In this episode we’re talking about a topic which every practicing clinician seems to have an opinion on, whether good or bad. Healthcare IT systems and electronic medical records or ‘EMR’s. Over the last few decades, we’ve seen a massive expansion in the number and reach of these IT systems into every aspect of medicine and across our entire healthcare infrastructure. And although bringing benefits to the care we provide to patients; a new IT system somehow always seems to receive a mixed reception from front line clinical staff.  Here today to talk about healthcare IT and EMRs, our guest today is Dr. Bill Clifford. Dr. Clifford is that rare combination of both physician and software developer, previously awarded the Order of BC and the Doug Cochrane Leadership in Quality Award for his leadership work as the (now retired) Chief Medical Information Officer for Northern Health and creator of the no. 1 ranked, Electronic Medical Record in Canada ‘MOIS’ (which stand for medical office information system).

Dr. Clifford shares his experiences with medical information and technology, which interestingly began with a career in forestry and inspiration from forestry growth and yield modelling. We also chat about the future role of emerging technologies such as AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning in improving healthcare quality.

You can read more about Dr. Clifford's work and achievements here: Bill Clifford - Health Quality BC