Jes Kerzen - A Mind Beyond Words. Telepathy and Autism. A most extraordinary true life relationship

Apr 19, 06:07 PM

"A Mind Beyond Words will speak both to spiritual seekers and to many who live with autistic or neurodivergent perceptions." - Publisher, 6th Books

A Mind Beyond Words. True Story.

Review: This remarkable book, sharing insights into our innate abilities to communicate with each other and other realms of sentience, beyond the limits of space and time, is a timely contribution to our collective and evolutionary potential and emergent journey - Dr Jude Currivan, cosmologist, author and co-founder of Whole World View 

Author Jes Kerzen is a retired Teacher. "A passionate advocate for neurodiverse students, particularly those with autistic spectrum perception and communication challenges, she found that wherever she worked, these were the children who so often appeared in her life and enriched it greatly.


It starts when a psychically gifted, 6 year-old, autistic child uses telepathy as a bridge to connect to the one adult he believes can 'hear' him. His teacher.
Later, he goes on to explain that their meeting was pre-planned, an agreement made as part of this lifetime experience. 

Prior to meeting Asher, Jes Kerzen had no experience with telepathy. In making the connection with him, she soon realized the other children in Asher's class were also connecting telepathically. And so began her PSI education.

"She has consequently spent many years researching telepathy, remote viewing and other psychic abilities, along with the spiritual insights they can sometimes lead to." - Source.

Jes and Asher have evolved their relationship to become more fluent over the decades as he reports on his exploration of the other dimensions he refers to as The Realms. When I asked about the possibility of another book, Jes says Asher has hinted at that. Be sure to follow-up and connect with Jes and Asher for future updates on their progress.

One of the things I found most fascinating is a technique Jes describes Asher using to preview a book and offer her an explanation of the information she said was too complicated for her to understand or interpret. 

Book: A Mind Beyond Words (clairvoyance, precognition, telepathy)
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