Profiling a Business Leader with William Salvi and David Nurse, The Mindset Specialist

Episode 263,   Apr 13, 04:00 PM

The CEO Series, a standout video series, is the brainchild of William Salvi, a Renowned media agency owner based in Chicago. This Emmy award-winning show stands out for its exceptional quality and its unique focus on CEOs from diverse industries. William, along with his brother Chris, initiated the series seven years ago, and for the past four years, they have been delving into the stories, roles, and mindsets of CEOs. The series kicked off with an interview with the chairman and CEO of Wintrust Bank, and since then, it has evolved, with the team constantly enhancing their interviewing techniques and the caliber of guests. The show's distinct goal is to unveil the person behind the role and brand, offering viewers a rare glimpse into the human side of business leadership often overshadowed in formal interviews. 

The CEO Series remains industry-agnostic but focuses on the CEOs' unique experiences and perspectives as leaders of large organizations with many stakeholders. The show's producer and host discuss the pressure CEOs face, which can cause some of them to become reclusive, seeking honest feedback rather than flattery. The series has featured interviews with CEOs like Tim Cook from Apple. The CEOs featured in the show share the formative experiences that shaped them as leaders during their youth or teens. The CEO Series is an Emmy award-winning video series available on, giving successful leaders a platform to share their experiences with the world. 

His brother Chris and he love interviewing prominent business individuals for our CEO series. We aim for higher-profile CEOs and brands. It's exciting to meet and talk to these people as we get to know them as individuals with their insecurities and life experiences. We challenge ourselves daily by putting ourselves in uncomfortable positions, such as meeting high-profile CEOs. It's a great way to expand our agency and network of contacts.

David Nurse is an accomplished mindset specialist and a bestselling author at the Wall Street Journal. Over the past 15 years, he has worked with sports teams and corporate executives, assisting them in dominating their respective fields. David has positively impacted the lives of over 150 NBA players, whose contract earnings total a staggering $3.2 billion. He believes that highly successful people can be classified into two categories—those who value honesty and those who do not.

David's expertise lies in his profound understanding of the power of the mind and how it can be used as a cheat code for success. He provides mindset tools that help individuals overcome insecurities, deal with pressure, and utilize their gifts without internal or external roadblocks. He has designed these tools to help individuals take strategic action and realize their full potential. At the Next Level Club, David works with people to help them unlock their mind's potential and achieve their goals. With his constructive guidance and mindset tools, he empowers individuals to confidently reach the next level of their abilities and pursue their dreams. 

There are nine action archetypes: fear of other people's opinions, inopportune, blame, test believer, distracted, scarcity mindset, perfectionist, underestimate, and imposter syndrome. To combat self-doubt, try these three tools: First, look at your hands and remember all the difficulties you've overcome. Second, remind yourself to serve others in the present moment. Finally, snap your fingers to cue your subconscious to live into the person you want to be. Remember to stop, notice, assess, and pivot when things get overwhelming. These tools can be used anytime, anywhere.

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