#75 Why Are You In Business?

Episode 75,   Apr 25, 05:00 AM

It's the crucial question every entrepreneur should ask themselves: Why are you in business? What is your purpose?

In this episode, I'll dive deep into pursuing business ventures and how to answer that crucial question in order to better understand what it is you seek. I'll also share my own personal evolution, from seeking freedom and control to aligning my business with mu autism and ADHD diagnosis.

Listen to hear:
  • Reflecting on Business Journey
  • Reasons for Starting Business
  • The importance of aligning daily actions with long-term business goals and reflecting on personal vision and mission.
  • The Power of Knowing Your Why
  • The deep inner motivations and beliefs driving one's business journey.
  • understanding and embracing your true passion and joy in business.
  • Business as a Job vs. Business as a Passion
  • Building Your Vision and Mission
  • Sharing Your Core Purpose 

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