Pharmacy Focus - Pharmacist-Led Initiatives on C diff Rates

Season 2, Episode 20,   Apr 26, 01:00 PM

On this month's episode Laura Gillespie, PharmD, regional antimicrobial stewardship pharmacist in the Mishawaka and Plymouth Medical Centers at the Saint Joseph Health System, discussed her paper “Impact of Pharmacist-Led Initiatives on Health Care–Associated Clostridioides difficile Rates” published in the March issue of Pharmacy Practice in Focus: Health Systems. Gillespie discusses why the impact of pharmacist-led initiatives on health care–associated Clostridioides difficile (C diff) rates can be important for patient outcomes and combating C diff rates.
About The Article
This study shows a dramatic decrease (80% and 81%) in hospital and community-onset C. Diff rates following the implementation of pharmacist-led initiatives like antibiotic prescribing guidelines and allergy education.
2. The article highlights the connection between unnecessary antibiotic use and increased C. Diff infections, emphasizing the importance of proper antibiotic stewardship.
3. This study demonstrates the positive impact pharmacists can have on patient safety by reducing hospital-acquired infections through careful monitoring and optimization of antibiotic use.