The Langoliers with Elan Gale

Episode 228,   Apr 24, 08:00 AM

When you have a story featuring timeaters that may or may not resemble flying meatballs with metal teeth you have to bring in the best of the best to break it down. Lucky for us Elan Gale (The Bachelor, FBOY Island, and the upcoming Stephen King adaptation The Life of Chuck) answered the call to come chat The Langoliers with the Kingcast Boys.

What was Elan's take on the mini-series? Why is Bronson Pinchot so damn cool? What would Wampler do if he found himself in the Langoliers's dimension and why is Elan pressing him on his empty world daydreams? All these questions and more will be answered in this episode!

What would you do if you fell asleep on a flight and woke up to find a damn near empty airplane was still chugging along? That's the premise of Stephen King's novella The Langoliers and it remains one of his most fun, pulpy stories, despite a rather sketchy TV mini-series from the mid-'90s.