The Running Man with John Rosman

Episode 229,   May 01, 08:00 AM

Writer/Director John Rosman (New Life) joins Vespe and Wampler to discuss his new film, how it is heavily influenced by Stephen King, and also break down what really works in both the novella and the feature film adaptation of The Running Man. How successful would The Running Man be in today's America? And which version would be more popular, the one portrayed in the book which spans the entirety of the country, or the one shown in the movie, which is more like American Gladiators made with even more cocaine. We may never know, but we have a few good guesses...

The Running Man is one of the darker stories to escape the mind of Stephen King. Originally published under his pseudonym Richard Bachman, the story follows Ben Richards as he attempts to evade deadly stalkers in order to win a boatload of cash in order to save his sick family. The Arnold Schwarzenegger movie adaptation is pretty different, but both interpretations of the material ended up being strangely prescient.