Loremen S5Ep30 - Hunting the Werewolf on Cannock Chase

Season 5, Episode 30,   May 02, 12:00 AM

Where wolves? James attempts to answer that question with a midnight excursion to Cannock Chase. This Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is home to a range of distinctly unnatural creatures. We're talking lycanthropes, black eyed children, numerous UFOs and at least one pigman.

In fact, there are many reports of uncanny incidents in Cannock Chase, James went all the way to Staffordshire to investigate. Alas, our intrepid loreboy encountered a much more human phenomenon.

SAUCINESS WARNING: This episode contains references to a grown up activity. One that takes place at night, in car parks. Pay and Display (without the pay) if you know what we mean...

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Rural Concerns

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This episode was edited by Joseph Burrows - Audio Editor.

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