Police Officer Turned Killer: The Murder of 16-Year-Old Susana Morales

May 02, 08:00 AM

Susana Morales was 16 years old, living in Norcross, Georgia when one night she suddenly disappeared. July 26th, 2022 was a seemingly normal evening, and Susana spent a few hours that night a block away from her house with a friend, at her friend’s apartment. This was something she did often as it was less than a 10-minute walk from her house. But when she never came home that night, her family began to worry. She was reported missing the following morning, but it wasn’t until early February of 2023 that they got answers. On February 6th, Susana’s skeletal remains were found 20 miles from her home, and evidence left at this location led police officers to her killer, fellow police officer Miles Bryant. Bryant has since been arrested and charged with Susana’s murder, along with a string of other crimes he had committed.

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