Lisa Reich, CEO of Coastal Wildlife Advocacy Group on "Lunchtime Conversations" May 2024

Episode 7498,   May 01, 10:46 PM INSIDER news director interviewed Lisa Reich, CEO of Coastal Wildlife Advocacy Group,  about Sea Turtle Nesting Season, running May 1- October 31. Many groups such as Clearwater Marine Aquarium and Reich patrol the 21 miles of Pinellas County Beaches and we share tips with our listeners on how they can help. Never disturb a sea turtle nest; it’s illegal. (1)Take all your belongings home with you from the beach so these sea turtles don’t run into any obstacles on their way to lay eggs or make their way into the gulf. (2) If you are a hotel guest or live on the beach, pull your shades at night. (3) Do not use a flashlight if you are on the beach at night; use a red or amber (4) If you dig a hole, fill it with sand so the sea turtles don’t become trapped. Knock down sand castles to make the beach safe for turtles. Follow Learn more at and #nanettewiser #CoastalWildlifeAdvocacyGroup #LisaReich #PinellasCounty #seaturtles #seaturtlenestingseason #nanetteWiser #sustainability #tampabay #radio #radiostpete