Lizard In The Thornbush

Season 3, Episode 9,   May 24, 12:00 PM

The Shadow Rising / Chapter 9 / The Stone Stands

Step into a realm where the Pattern weaves tales of chaos, power, and the complexities of the human soul in this episode of Thank the Light: The Wheel of Time Podcast. 🌌🔥

In this gripping installment, we're thrust into the aftermath of a shadowspawn assault on the Stone of Tear. Our hosts, Justin, Desmond, and Jeremy, dissect the extraordinary events of The Shadow Rising, Chapter 10, "The Stone Stands," where Rand al'Thor's grasp on the One Power and Saidin reaches new, terrifying heights. 🌪️⚡

"Power Unleashed, A Soul Unveiled" 🧙‍♂️

Join us as we delve into Rand's harrowing experience, his creation of a maelstrom of destruction that seeks out the dark minions, leaving us to ponder the limits of his growing abilities. The trio also navigates the emotional turmoil that Rand endures as he confronts death and the boundaries of his own humanity. It's a moment that shakes the very foundations of what it means to wield such immense power. 💔

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As the Wheel turns, the saga continues. Tune in, adjust your volume, and let the words of our hosts guide you through the intricacies of Robert Jordan's epic tale on Thank the Light: The Wheel of Time Podcast.

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(00:00) Justin, Desmond and Jeremy are raising funds for a new podcast
(00:59) Jeremy says once he had kids, he became his dad's identical twin
(03:01) I always think the show will end when we run out of things to say
(04:58) Rand goes into his room to find chaos and dead eyelman
(06:47) Our clip is going to be towards the end of this chapter
(07:31) Rand had to do something to kill them all. He had no idea what it was
(10:54) Are they still alive, Maureen assured Rand. He nodded in weary relief
(12:58) Rand does not learn how to clean the source in Rydian
(16:23) Did Lanfear send any of the murder? All. Samuel is who sent this attack, correct
(18:20) Does Moraine not recognize Celine as Lanphear? Is she that cloaked
(20:53) Jeremy says if season three of Wheel of Time isn't epic, he's furious
(24:07) Okay. We'll actually do something from M the books. Next week on the wheel of time
(24:29) Okay, we should probably talk about this clip a little bit, Lucille
(24:57) Can we all cast ourselves as arrested development characters, please
(27:25) Jeremy: Bran uses the sword that is not a sword in the movie
(29:46) What is the name of episode five, Justin? Hmm? Oh, we already talked about that episode
(33:10) Jeremy says he's excited about the upcoming season of The Walking Dead
(35:16) We want to know what you're excited about on this show
(35:51) I think when Rand starts to get more deliberate with the power, you will dig books
(36:30) Jeremy: Four days passed between chapters. I don't know if four days is passing between chapters
(38:56) $3 will get you twelve exclusive podcasts
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ğŸŽ™ï¸ Thanks for podcasting with Headliner!