6 7 | Barks from Beyond - Pet Visitation from the Other Side | For Jake

May 05, 08:31 PM

ย ๐Ÿบ Youtube Premiere Tonight 8pm EST https://youtu.be/3zT55TvVvqY - Come have a good cry with other Belieflings in the LiveChat.
Hey guys. This was a really hard one for us. We're all pretty emotionally drained producing this episode after the sudden loss of Jake ๐Ÿบ. While we'll be absent from the LiveChat tonight, we know the Hole community doesn't need us to thrive, so the Premiere and LiveChat is still on for those looking to hang ๐Ÿ‘Š

Now onto the show...It's a heavy one, but hope you guys dig it.

Sometimes, life blindsides you. You might lose someone very close. And in the search for answers, you are pulled further toward the greatest mystery of all. The reality of a life after this.

This was a unique and difficult episode. A few days before recording, Jonโ€™s dog, loyal companion, and best friend of the last 9 years, unexpectedly past away. And out of that sadness, we wanted to honor him by exploring hopeful encounters with the miraculous, and messages from beloved animals that pass away all too soon, who occasionally reach back with a furry high five, and a bark from beyond the veil.

This episode of Belief Hole is dedicated to the mascot of the show, and a very much missed friend, Jake ๐Ÿบโค๏ธ

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๐Ÿบ ๐Ÿ”— Listeners Animal Spirit Visitation and Pet Connections Stories:

00:00 | Episode Trailer
13:12 | Animal Spirits: Companion Animal Communications After Death | Dr. Michael W. Fox
14:36 | Many Paths | Anonymous
17:41 | Footsteps from the Otherside |1999| Amber
21:43 | Deceased Dog Contacts Medium | 2013| Cody
25:46 | Shadow of the Cat | Reincarnated Elix | 2017| Joey
33:03 | All Dog Owners Go to Dog Heaven | Deceased Dog Visited Me | Cody
41:32 | I know she was there | Cameron
49:50 | Dogs can See the Dead | Tammy
56:38 | Hospice Secrets of the Otherside | Pete
1:02:12 | Coming up in the Expansion/Preview | Miraculous Animal Rescues
1:07:46 | Animal Psychic and the Talking Labradoodle | Alida
1:16:20 | Murder of Crows | Quintin Sheldon
1:21:04 | Back into Bed | Amanda The Hospice Nurse
1:27:17 | Stinger | Robin Sue Who

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