SOTS: Che Durena, Joel Jimenez, JT Parr, Josh Potter, Justine Marino, Justin Alexio & Watkins Ep 48

Episode 48,   May 07, 12:30 AM

Stand-Up On The Spot! Featuring completely improvised sets from Che Durena, Joel Jimenez, JT Parr, Josh Potter,  Justine Marino, Justin Alexio  & Jeremiah Watkins. No material. Comedians create Stand-Up On The Spot off audience suggestions. You know Che Durena from his viral videos, Joel Jimenez from Kill Tony and his podcast Lesser Known Characters, JT Parr from his Netflix series and podcast Chad and JT Go Deep, Josh Potter from Your Moms House and The Josh Potter Show, Justine Marino from The Funny Dance Show on E! and her podcast Glitter and Garbage, Justin Alexio from Everybody Wants Some, and Jeremiah Watkins you know from Scissor Bros, Trailer Tales, and his special DADDY.
This episode covers everything from Disney Adults, to how Blind People wipe, Swingers & more! #1HourSpecial #JTParr #StandupComedy #CheDurena #JoshPotter #YourMomsHouse #JustineMarino #JustinAlexio #StandUpOnTheSpot #SOTS #CrowdWork  #JeremiahWatkins #ScissorBros #KillTony #JoelJimenez

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Filmed at The Huntington Beach Rec Room
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