Claire on the services of Make 2nds Count

Season 5, Episode 12,   May 19, 08:00 AM

Claire from Make 2nds Count talks about the charity's support services and their work to help people with secondary breast cancer understand more about clinical trials.

In this episode, Laura talks to Claire, support and patient engagement manager at Make 2nds Count, a UK-wide charity giving hope to people living with secondary breast cancer.

Claire speaks about the work that Make 2nds Count does for people with secondary breast cancer, including their Patient Trials Advocate service helping patients with the exploration of clinical trials, and their many support services around the country for people navigating life with their diagnosis. Claire also talks about her own diagnosis of secondary breast cancer, how it informs her work at the charity, and how she copes with the challenges of supporting cancer patients when she is one herself.

You can find out all about Make 2nds Count on their website.

We’re Breast Cancer Now, the research and support charity. However you’re experiencing breast cancer, we’re here. For information and support, visit our website or phone our free helpline on 0808 800 6000 (UK only).

You can also watch this episode on YouTube.

Key Topics:
0:23 Laura introduces Claire
1:11 Claire's diagnosis and experience of secondary breast cancer
2:04 What is secondary breast cancer?
5:24 Claire's treatment for secondary breast cancer
6:13 Explaining what a 'line' of treatment is
7:10 What the charity Make 2nds Count does
9:42 Claire's role at Make 2nds Count
10:15 Support services provided by Make 2nds Count
13:24 How Claire's mindset helped her cope with her diagnosis
16:52 The challenges working with secondary breast cancer patients while living with a secondary diagnosis
21:02 Patient Trial Advocate service from Make 2nds Count
25:43 Discussing clinical trials
30:54 Mental health support and clinical trials
32:38 Funding for secondary breast cancer research
34:57 Dealing with the complicated information about clinical trials
39:11 How to access Make 2nds Count's services
40:02 What needs to change in breast cancer?