Graveyard Shift with Mike P. Nelson

Episode 230,   May 08, 08:00 AM

Writer/Director Mike P. Nelson (Wrong Turn, The Domestics, V/H/S/85) joins Wampler and Vespe to chat a bit about the oddball killer rat/bat movie Graveyard Shift as well as the original Stephen King short story that it is based on. This episode is chock full of talk about outrageous Maine accents, a wasted Brad Dourif, late '80s/early '90s nostalgia, and a whole lot of seemingly random Monster Squad love that is actually on topic thanks to the scene-chewing performance by one Stephen Macht.

Stephen King's short story, Graveyard Shift, is about a Maine textile mill that has something of a rat problem. Like, a big rat problem. Literally. But are the rats the biggest problem facing these workers or the slave style conditions they have to work under? Both are bad news, but put them together and you have a creepy King corker that once again focuses on blue collar workers facing true evil.