LSEG: Partnering with Microsoft and Why London Remains a Leading Financial Hub - With LSEG CEO, David Schwimmer

Episode 140,   May 09, 05:00 AM

If you were asked ‘What is the London Stock Exchange Group, (LSEG)?’, most investors would answer, ‘the London Stock Exchange, of course.’ Yet, the correct answer would be, “well that’s only 5% of revenues today”, and then you might pause and wonder what the rest is…

In this conversation with David Schwimmer, a veteran of Goldman Sachs, and CEO of the LSEG since 2018, we examine an organisation that today has revenues of £8bn, an operating income of £2.8bn and a market capitalisation of approximately £50bn. LSEG is the 14th largest company in the UK, employing 25,000 people in 70 countries, and is now 4% owned by Microsoft (as of May 2024). 

David explains the LSEG business today, how they are the no.1 globally in real time financial data, how they serve customers in areas from risk-analytics, FX, bond trading, KYC, ALM verification. He discusses the partnership with Microsoft, and the rapid shifts in technology, as well as their impact on business execution and enhancing productivity.

Finally we have an earnest conversation about the UK, which has the second largest pension market in the world, London’s enviable position, and why persistent negative press around delisting may have created a stronger narrative than the facts would suggest.

​​The Money Maze Podcast is kindly sponsored by Schroders, IFM Investors and the World Gold Council.

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