We’re Pumping It (Louder)

Episode 120,   May 09, 10:00 PM

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This week, Brooke and Connor break down their favorite looks from the Met Gala, debate whether or not they’re whistleblowers at heart, and try to figure out why Drake and Kendrick are fighting. Plus, Brooke says there are BIG things coming soon…

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Hosted by Brooke Averick & Connor Wood, Created by TMG Studios, Brooke Averick & Connor Wood, and Produced by TMG Studios, Brooke Averick & Connor Wood.

00:00 Adult Bibs
02:00 Intro
02:21 Something Like That’s Lyrics
05:23 Brooke’s Crush is Cuffed
07:05 Where Does A Stain Go?
07:58 Boeing Whistleblowers
10:39 Liquid IV
12:06 Being A Rat
15:33 Whistleblowers vs. Tattle Tales
16:36 Netflix Is A Joke
18:55 The Roast of Tom Brady
22:11 Skims
22:59 Kim K Can Take the Heat
23:40 Men Have Thick Skin
25:47 Big Mouth Live
28:08 I Think I’m Gay
31:50 Blind To John Mulaney’s Flaws
35:13 Squarespace
36:35 Why Aren’t There More Crashes?
39:45 But Officer…
41:27 Met Gala or Netflix Is A Joke?
43:38 Favorite Met Fits
45:34 The Met Gala Theme
47:57 Better Help
49:17 Judging The Met Fits
52:38 Middle School Height
54:37 Connor’s Derby Win
55:39 Big Things Brewing
56:59 Egg Shells
1:00:52 Fluff and Folds
1:02:03 Drake & Kendrick Beef
1:03:40 Baby Reindeer
1:06:03 RIP Max’s Nuts
1:08:25 Brooke’s Europe Trip
1:09:43 Brooke’s Romper
1:11:51 See You In Bonus!!!