If You Don't Build An Audience with Joe Trahan

Episode 317,   May 14, 12:00 PM

In this episode, Adam Stoker joins Joe Trahan, a Virginia Beach real estate agent who has successfully integrated community-focused destination marketing into his business. Joe discusses his strategy of merging sales and marketing to engage with the audience by producing valuable content, building trust, and creating a sense of community. He shares his experiences with the "Discover Virginia Beach" Facebook group and podcast, which have helped him generate organic leads and establish a reputable online presence. He and Adam also explore why organizations need to become media companies, the power of trust and likability, and the challenges of collaborating with local entities.

"Why is it that when we start to hear from our marketing department that we need support, or our content needs improvement, we try to just get it done as quickly as possible? How do I expect to compete as a business -- as a destination, by posting generic, sub-par, cheap, and watered-down content?" -Joe Trahan

Discover Virginia Beach

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