Best of Once Upon a Crime: Betty Broderick

Season 8,   May 10, 11:00 PM

In the final series for season eight of Once Upon A Crime, we provide a retrospective look at the most compelling episodes from the show's archive, particularly highlighting those that newer listeners might have missed. 

This episode revisits the story of Betty Broderick from Season 1, part of the 'A Woman Scorned' series, which delves into crimes committed by women against their romantic partners. 

Betty Broderick's tumultuous marriage, marked by jealousy, arguments, and ultimately, her husband's infidelity with his younger secretary, spirals out of control, leading to tragic consequences. 

This is one of our most downloaded episodes about a female killer and the most viewed on Once Upon a Crime’s YouTube channel.

You can listen to the other episodes of “A Woman Scorned,” which feature notable cases such as Jodi Arias and Clara Harris. Links are provided below. 

To listen to the entire episode, click on this link. -

A Woman Scorned - Jodi Arias - Part 1 and 2:

A Woman Scorned - Clara Harris:

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