Guiding On Devils Lake How It All Began w/ Steve "Zippy" Dahl | JMO Fishing 270

Episode 270,   May 13, 09:45 PM

Steve Dahl also known as Zippy, joins the JMO Podcast in this episode. Zippy is a founding member of the Perch Patrol guide service on Devils Lake in North Dakota. Back in the 90's when Zippy and his cohorts began their illustrious careers as guides there was tremendous change happening to Devils Lake with drastically more water filling up the basin and flooding the landscape. This was ultimately what created the body of water we hear about today but back then lots of interesting fishing stories were being created and in this podcast Zippy tells many stories about the how he and his guiding partners got their start. There's a few great Jason Mitchell stories in this as well. This is a truly fascinating documentary style interview that will have any angler entertained.

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