Monday, May 13, 2024, Authors and Writers | Formatting Your Book | Interview with Brenda Haire

Season 2, Episode 358,   May 14, 01:41 AM

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About Brenda Haire...

Have you been called to write a book? Feeling the nudge but not sure where to start?

Too many Christian women have a story to share but either give up too soon or never start. With all the variables in the industry, it's easy to become overwhelmed and unsure of which path to take.

I've been in your shoes. God called me to write in 2003, and it took me fifteen years to figure out my path forward. After publishing my first book in 2018 and learning everything I could about the publishing industry, I became the President of the company that helped me publish. After that company shifted its focus in 2021, I left to continue to help authors like myself.

My focus is to help Christian women publish His glorious deeds among the nations and tell about the amazing things He does. (Psalm 96:3) In February 2024, I launched my Writer's Retreat Boxβ€”A monthly subscription that delivers a writing retreat to women across the country.

Annually, I host a Beach Writing Retreat in Port Aransas, Texas.

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