Lukasz Szyrmer — Author of "Aligning Remotely"

Episode 19,   Jun 28, 2021, 01:44 AM

Remote working is pretty clearly the way forward for many of us. Even once we're fully re-opened — and many countries are still struggling — people and companies have discovered the benefits of working from home. It's not right for everyone, obviously. But it's right for a lot of us. And managing remote teams effectively will be a critical skill for leaders everywhere.

Lucasz Szyrmer is the author of "Align Remotely: How to Achieve Together When Everyone is Working From Home". He's also host of the podcast "Managing Remote Teams". In addition to his own years of experience managing remote work, he's interviewed experts from across the globe. Luke's goal is to help teams thrive and achieve more together when working remotely. Let's find out how he does that, and how we can all be better leaders of our far-flung crews.

We talk about:

• Giving people autonomy rather than worrying about the hours they work
• Helping your team work smarter by judiciously using rest
• Creating an...

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