TARNo1 // Sanctuaries

May 16, 02:02 PM

Welcome to The Accursed Race. Lost Dot's no-fly, off-road, fixed route race in the Balkans.

Tune in as riders continue on their Balkan journeys, and the TAR Race Reporters paint a picture of life on The Accursed and day 2 of the Race. Bats, mountain huts, leaky ceilings, wet sleeping bags, and treasured hostel stays, riders are needing to solve problems on the fly and sumon their resourcefulness to keep themselves moving forward. 

We invite you to follow along with our Race coverage through this daily podcast, our daily Race Journal, and on The Accursed Instagram.

TARNo1 tracking and coverage here: https://www.lostdot.cc/race/tarno1

Produced by Iain Broome.